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Andrea Paternò

Corso Vittorio Emanuele III, 15
95028, Valverde (CT)


Mobile: +39 3917595437



Hi, I'm an italian photographer. I started taking pictures in 2006 shooting friends on bikes. In 2009 I began a new experience working for 3 years as a photographer and editor for an Italian mountainbike web magazine ( In 2011 I moved to Germany looking for inspiration and I started to work as a wedding and events photographer in Cologne and Luxemburg. In 2017 I came back to Italy where I found my own direction as a action and product photographer.

  • Rally Pov

  • Matrix S.r.l.

  • Yamaha Motor It

  • Pirelli 

  • Forma Boots

  • Tom42 

  • Lombardo Bikes

  • Oj World

  • Ride Formula

  • Tutto Mtb

  • Tri

  • Adv Factory

  • Vaperia

  • Gyada Cosmetics

  • Barruss

  • Travaglianti

  • Beedda AEtna Honey

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