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Andrea Paternò

Hi, let’s talk about photography and why I love it. I’m Andrea and this is my portfolio. Here you can find some of my latest works. I keep it always updated because I try to never stop growing as a professional and above all as a human being. That’s why I’m showing you some carousels to help you understand better what I do and not just showing my workhorses .
I started shooting in 2007 and I soon found out I loved to freeze movement in sports. I early started to shoot for magazines and major brands; but life gives you lemons and I was not prepared to make lemonade. That's why I decided to move to another country and started my journey as wedding photographer and also shooting at live events. But after 7 years away from the world of sports, I decided to come back to my roots - with a squeezer this time - and with new life - only after discovering darkness, I learnt lo shape and carve light in it. For me it's not just a "job" or a mere passion but it's a real a life purpose. I’m really passionate about it and I'll always give all my self to achieve my goals. That’s said, it’s time for action.

Let's work together!

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